The Effects of Alcohol on Men’s Health

Effects of Alcohol

It goes without saying that alcohol abuse influences badly on sex life in the long run. Of course, if you have a glass of red wine a day, you can benefit from the antioxidants it has, especially it is good for the heart. But can you be sure that such moderate alcohol consumption will not turn to be a bad habit? And if a man increases the mentioned amount, he can harm his health, in particular his sex life.

What are the risks?


So if a man increases the allowed minimum, he faces the health risks. There are the major health problems connected with alcohol. The physicians specify about 60 diseases linked with alcohol consumption.

  • Heavy drinking can cause anemia when there is extremely low level of red blood cells in blood. The man starts feeling fatigue, lightheaded and suffers from shortness of breath.
  • The alcohol may be a reason for cardiovascular disease as far as it causes formation of blood clots leading to heart attack.
  • A lot of alcohol is one of the reasons of cardiomyopathy, a potentially deadly condition if a patient does not get immediate treatment.
  • Alcohol is able to develop cirrhosis being toxic to liver cells. The risk does not even depend on amount of alcohol, sometimes it is enough to drink a little to get it.
  • Depression can also be caused by alcohol. We should say that it goes hand in hand with alcohol. They are interconnected. Sometimes depression leads to heavy drinking. In its turn drinking almost always becomes a reason for depression.

As you see, even in the above short list there are those deviations, which usually lead to erectile dysfunction.

General health effects of alcohol

Sooner or later a man taking alcohol has problems with controlling movements, storing memories and thinking clearly. Alcohol breaks blood vessels, that is why the skin and eyes become red. Face turns to be puffy because of water retention. Only two or three shots per a day can make the heartbeats irregular and cause heartburns. Moreover, it prevents from building new muscles after a workout. And of course the heavy drinking can weaken libido. Besides, alcohol kills decision-making abilities of a man.

Considering all the above a man should think twice whether he should drink even in moderation especially if he has some other health problems. If he has already diabetes or heart disease, he should abandon drinking.

Sexual side-effects

More than a half of men suffering from alcohol dependence face one or several sexual health issues. It can be low desire or even lack of sexual drive, various kinds of erectile dysfunction, including premature ejaculation. Drinking time after time during an extended period of time a man can notice the unpleasant changes in his sex life up to impotence.

Alcohol affects fertility meaning that it decreases the sperm count and percentage of healthy swimmers. So it becomes impossible to implement the plans to have children. Besides, it affects levels of sex hormones including testosterone. As far as alcohol can block nerve impulses occurring between brain and body, a man can fail in execution after sexual stimulation because he loses ability to sense that sexual stimulation. So, sexual arousal and orgasm are endangered. But even if a man wants to respond, he cannot do it because his penis remains flaccid due to dilating of blood vessels – here there is another common problem – inability to get steady continuous erection.

So, if you do not want to have temporary or long-term erectile dysfunction, refuse consumption of spirits. Remember that according to statistics about 70% of men dependent on alcohol suffer from sexual problems.